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Living Information

Daniel Williams

Oct 8, 2021

Initial costs

In addition to monthly rent, following fee will be required to be paid upon initiation of the lease.
 Shikikin or deposit is required for most apartment lease contracts and is usually equal to one or two months’ rent. Your landlord is required to return your deposit to you when you vacate the property, after deducting for cleaning costs and any damage beyond normal wear and tear.
 Reikin or gratuity money (or called key money) is refundable payment to your landlord. It is often same price with Shikikin. (equal to one or two months’ rent)
 Agent fee is paid to the real estate company as commission. Industry standard requires one month’s rent.
In total, you might need to prepare at least six months’ rent upfront.
To rent apartments, you need to go through a long process with a
real estate company by yourself. Also, rooms are basically not
furnished. Though, if you are looking for complete privacy with
independent lifestyle, this might be a good choice for you.

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