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일본에 오실 생각이 있으신 분, 일본에 거주하시는 분, 비자 취득을 생각하시는 분들을 위한 정보 페이지입니다. 모두 무료입니다.

저희 시스템에서 자동으로 비자 신청서를 작성해 드리는 서비스입니다.
이번 캠페인 기간 중 가격은 9,800엔 입니다.

비자가 어려우신가요?
VASS와 함께라면 고민 없이 스스로 비자 신청서를 작성할 수 있습니다!

VASS Agency are your friends who give your referral code to your friends and you pay them.

It is a system in which you give your referral code to your friend, who enters and settles the referral code within VASS. Because of the ease of giving out referral codes and the ease of earning rewards, more and more people are becoming VASS Affiliates.

↓↓VASS에 로그인하려면 여기를 클릭↓↓

Please request a referral code to be issued.

Tell your friends about our referral code and VASS!

When your friend inserts the referral code and makes a payment with VASS, you will receive a reward!

Refer a friend to VASS and get cash back!
For every friend who uses the VASS system to prepare a visa application, you will receive 980 yen in cash back.
For example, if you have 10 friends using the VASS system
10%(980 yen) x 10 people = 9,800 yen
We will transfer the money to your designated account.

Reward Image

Agency Registration

Please apply using the form below.
We will contact you within 3 business days.

(Rewards are subject to change without notice)

Please keep in mind that incomplete information will not allow us to reply and remit the money.
Please bear the bank transfer fee.

Thank you for sending!

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