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Are you having trouble with your visa?
With VASS, you can create a visa application by yourself without worrying about it!

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What you need



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Smart phone

Anyone with an Internet connection and a smart phone or computer can create a Visa Application form.

Benefits of "VASS"

Do you have any problems?

I am not sure if I can make a proper application...


I have to wait for hours at the immigration office...

I'm worried about not having an explanation in my native language...

It might cost money to hire a specialist...

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Service list

VASS service provides automatic visa application creation service, living information provision and consulting service by specialists for foreigners staying in Japan and foreigners who wish to come to Japan.


Various information for foreign countries

IFor foreigners, we have compiled useful information such as living information and visa information.



Automatic visa application creation service

Simply follow the steps and the computer will automatically create an application to be submitted to the Immigration Bureau of Japan.




An immigration lawyer will consult you directly and take responsibility for your application.


Introducing VASS

This is a tutorial video that carefully explains the three features of VASS. Please take a look.
This is a tutorial video that carefully explains the three features of VASS. 
Differences from the government’s online system
1 Rest assured that your application will be checked by a immigration Lawyer who is a legal expert.
2 Supports 7 languages, you can make a Japanese application form in your native language.
3 Convenient to input anytime, anywhere via smartphone
4 Convenient to make an application form even without a Japanese My Number Card, which is difficult to make.

Explanatory videos of the VASS system

Service flow

This is the procedure flow for the Automatic visa application creation service (¥9800).
New member registration

There is no cost to register as a member
Registration of application your Visa
ou can also automatically read with a residence card
The application form will be sent to your email.
With required document list.
Select your desired visa
Self-check if you can get a visa
You can reconfirm the input contents before payment.
Registration of basic your information
You can also automatically read with a residence card
You can also ask an immigration lawyer to check the application form you created (charged).

Various informations

This is an information page for those who are thinking of coming to Japan, those who live in Japan, and those who are thinking of acquiring Visa. All are free.
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Consulting Services

Create an application form by consulting with a proven Immigration Lawyer. This service is for those who want to make a one-stop request until submission.
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Immigration Lawyer&Maritime Lawyer
Hiroshi Mori
10 years of experience
​At Tokyo, Shibuya

新津さん 白抜き.png

Immigration Lawyer&Maritime Lawyer
Kyohei Niitsu

19 years of experience​
At Tokyo, Shibuya

Click here for Visa consulting service by Immigration lawyer

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